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Jared Bell — Meet the Producer of the Justice Matters Podcast

In the final episode of season 2, the producer of Justice Matters — Jared Bell — shares his experiences from time spent in Thailand and Cambodia, where he and his wife served with an anti-trafficking organisation.

The Boffola Podcast — Monique Gaudion Interviews Tim Buxton About His Ted Talk

The tables are turned in this episode of Justice Matters. The lovely Monique Gaudion and host of the Boffola Podcast came into the studio to interview yours truly, after meeting me at Tedx Currumbin in October.

John & Lizzi Swatland — The Scattered People Film: Where Words Fail, Music Speaks

Tim sits down with the Producers and Directors of the Scattered People Film, John & Lizzi Swatland to discuss the inspiration behind their moving documentary about two young musicians who flee their homeland and seek asylum in Australia where in immigration detention they discover the Scattered People band and find community, hope and a voice.

Human Rights Day — A Special Podcast Featuring Bob Goff, Sophie McNeill & Rahila Abdul Hadi

A special live podcast on HUMAN RIGHTS DAY with special guests Bob Goff from Love Does, Sophie McNeill from Human Rights Watch and Rahila Abdul Hadi from you Belong Australia.

Isla Freer — The Thirteen Year Old Whose TED Talk on Sexism Opened My Eyes

In this episode, I caught up with the exceptional Isla Freer, who recently gave a remarkable TED talk at Currumbin TEDx. Her topic — Sexism in schools.

Eduardo Cruz — An El Salvador Refugees' Journey to Becoming a Successful Law Firm Director

In this episode with former El Salvador refugee and lawyer, Eduardo Cruz, we talk about his passion for redemptive justice, his tattoos — which include patron saint of El Salvador — Oscar Romero, and even his reluctance in pursuing a career in law.

Leanne Butterworth — What Is Empathy & Why It Starts With You?

In this episode, I chat with the founder of Empathy First, Leanne Butterworth, to discuss the true nature of empathy — or what she likes to call "Compassionate Empathy". I explore with her why empathy starts with us. In this insightful and engaging conversation, Leanne reveals the secret power that empathy has to bring transformation into people's lives in our work and everyday lives.

Anthony Taylor — The Role of Co-ops in Creating a Just & Mutually Flourishing Society

In this episode with Amthony Taylor — Policy and Research Adviser for the Business Council of Co−operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) — we delve into the world of co-ops and mutuals and how they can make a positive social impact. We talk economics and justice, discuss some exciting new and interesting co-ops out there, and explore mutual flourishing is essential for businesses and communities.

Susan Slotnick — The Choreographer Bringing Healing to Incarcerated Men & Boys

For the past 25 years, Susan Slotnick has gone behind the walls at correctional facilities every week to bring the joy of modern dance to incarcerated men and boys. Her choreography dealt with serious themes geared to inspire audiences and students toward social justice activism.

Geoff Wilson: Part Two — Dream Mapping that Changes the World

In part two of my conversation with Geoff we talked about his Antarctica crossing and explored the concept of Dream Mapping as a way of envisioning a life of adventure and meaning. We also discussed the importance of building dreams that bring justice and contribute towards making this world a more magnificent planet for us all to live in.

Geoff Wilson: Part One — Discovering a Life of Purpose and Adventure through Adversity

In part one of my conversation with world record-breaking polar explorer, vet surgeon, and entrepreneur, Geoff Wilson, we talk about his experiences in Indonesia as part of a humanitarian team in the aftermath of the Boxing Day Tsunami of 2004. From his own life experiences and life-threatening expeditions, we also explore why hardship is essential to living a life of adventure and purpose.

Classic Replay: Bob Goff — Dream Big for a Just World

Enjoy this Classic Replay while Season Two is on a short break. Your host, Tim, catches up with Bob Goff as they talk about their dreams and hopes for a world where justice prevails. In this episode you will be inspired by Bob to Dream Big and discover the character and tools it is going to take to make your dreams a reality.

Jordan & Alyce Wood — Aussie Olympians Empowering Refugees to "Bike to Belong"

Tokyo-bound Aussie Olympians, Jordan & Alyce Wood, join me on the podcast to talk about why they have paired up with former refugees from Iraq, Hakar & Bayas Abood, as they ride 80km for the 80 million displaced people in our world. We also talk about their own journey to Olympic success and the amazing privilege it is to represent Australia on the world stage.

Little Phil — Transforming Philanthropy Through Crypto & Blockchain Technology

Meet Joshua & Mathew, co-founders of the latest start-up giving platform Little Phil, and discover how Cryptocurrency & Blockchain technology can revolutionize the non-profit charity industry to make philanthropy accessible, trustworthy, and a life-giving experience for everyone.

Melissa Lipsett — Why Empowering Women Is The Key To Flourishing Communities

In this episode with Baptist World Aid COO, Melissa Lippset, we discuss; the work of Baptist World Aid in tackling global poverty; ethical fashion guides; the coronavirus disaster unfolding in PNG; and most importantly, the transformation that takes place when we educate and empower women.

Mark Watego — A Meeting Place to Discuss True Reconciliation & Justice For Indigenous Australians

Mark Watego is a proud Yugambeh man from the Tweed/Gold Coast region and has resided here all of his life. He has had the opportunity to work in a variety of community service roles in the region ranging from ageing and disability, to health services, and has enjoyed giving back to his community.

Jill Lovell — How Education Leads to Empowerment & Ultimately, Justice

Jill Lovell works with Mission Educate in Mozambique as the Project Director. Her role is to facilitate the development of new educational and vocational projects. Jill is a trained secondary Science & Mathematics teacher who is fluent in Portuguese. She has more than 8 years of experience in leading not-for-profit development work in Mozambique.

Gerard Vandervegt — The Rescue Charity Providing Hope & a Home for India's Street Children

Meet my incredible friend, Gerard. In this episode, we talk about Slumdog Millionaire and the systemic nature of India's street children crisis. We also delve into what it takes to rescue children from the streets of India and the transformation that can take when you give a child a safe home, an education, and the opportunity of pursuing the career of their dreams.

Ben Doherty — Award-Winning Journalist Sees Justice as an Act of Imagination

Ben Doherty is an award winning journalist who has worked with The Age, The Sydney Morning Herald, and most recently, The Guardian. Ben has won three Walkley awards for his foreign and immigration reporting. And for those who do not know, the Walkley awards are the pinnacle of achievement for any Australian journalist. He is also a three-time United Nations Media Peace Awards recipient, whose reporting has had significant impact in highlighting injustices throughout the world.

Graeme Campbell — Freedom Broadband: The Internet Company Giving Back To Charity

Introducing Freedom Broadband podcast sponsor for Justice Matters. In this bonus episode, I sit down with the founder of Freedom Broadband, Graeme Campbell, to talk about why he is using his telecommunications business to give back to charities all around Australia.

Backstage Pass with Michael McDonald — Bible Project

Michael is Director of Global Focus and Strategic Relationships for The Bible Project and has also led thousands of leaders on more than 200 trips to the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa, and also worked in Iraq, Uganda, Somalia, India, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia and Haiti. He has also served on a number of boards—including Remember Nhu and Fly Fishing Collaborative—with a focus on ending child sex trafficking as well as working closely with Ugandan Consulate Bob Goff in conflict regions around the world.

Nice Coffee — Social Coffee Tackling Poverty in the Slums of Nairobi

I was joined in the studio with Jim Chapman & Sandy Hickson, co-founders of The Nice Coffee Co., with all profits of this growing Social Enterprise going to St John's primary school in the Kibera slum in Nairobi. The company uses ethically sourced Kenyan coffee to supply beans-and-machine packages to offices and companies that want to have a positive social impact.

David Zach — Meet Rock Band Frontman Combating Human Trafficking

David Zach is the frontman for the rock band, Remedy Drive. He uses his music to shine a light on slavery and injustice and the band helps to rally ordinary people to fund and participate in the modern-day abolition movement through The Exodus Road.

Backstage Pass with Jude Kalman — Fish Films

Time for a look back to Season One of the podcast with a special “Backstage Pass” episode with guest Jude Kalman. In 2020, she was awarded the Graham Wade Pilgrim Media Prize for her portfolio of work in Mozambique with charity Mission Educate. Twice now, Jude has been invited to speak at the United Nations' 58th Commission for Social Development on "Social Impact Films as a means to Promoting Inclusion".

Karen Lee — Changing Lives in the Face of Mass Incarceration & Racial Inequality

In this episode with Karen Lee from Pioneer Human Services we talked about the dismal employment outcomes people with records generally face and how living wage jobs change lives. We explored the power of social enterprise in addressing complex social issues, such as mass incarceration, the death penalty, homelessness and addiction. We also reflected on the racial inequities in the criminal legal system both in the United States and here in Australia.

Backstage Pass with Mayada Kordy-Khalil — Kurdish Journalist

The launch of Season Two of Justice Matters is around the corner. Until then, enjoy this special bonus episode and "backstage pass" with my Season One guest, Mayada Khalil.

Backstage Pass with Randy Watson — Ally Global Foundation

The launch of Season Two of Justice Matters is around the corner. Until then, enjoy this special bonus episode and "backstage pass" with my Season One guest, Randy Watson.

Backstage Pass with Rachael Carter — You Belong

Happy New Year everyone. Please enjoy this special bonus episode and "backstage pass" with my Season One guest, Rachael Carter.

Backstage Pass with Phil Hyldgaard — A21

In joining in the Holiday spirit, please enjoy this special bonus episode and "backstage pass" with my Season One guest, Phil Hyldgaard.

Backstage Pass with Mark Reddy — Chasing Justice

In joining in the Holiday spirit, please enjoy this special bonus episode and "backstage pass" interview with my Season One guest, Mark Reddy.

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